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About Aestas Software Solutions

About Aestas


This training and outsourcing program is tailor-made to suit the working professionals and the course structure is customized to meet the project requirements expected from them. We provide these training sessions either at the Client Location or in our Campus depending upon the need of the client. Training and Development of the Technical expertise of the employees has become the most important integral sub-system of any organization operating in the IT industry. It also requires regular enhancements and updating of the training programs in accordance with the advancements in the technological outset, which poses the major difficulty for the development organizations. This is the key juncture where we share our expertise in reducing the training over-heads to the corporate sector. We customize the course content depending on the project requirements of the client and the experience level of the participants thereby enhancing the productivity.

The huge success of IT Company’s today more than ever depends on effective and well-executed training programs. Our goal is to well train your employees to become more productive, more skilled, and self-sufficient and a greater asset to your organization.

☞ Aestas Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. knows the value of Corporate Quality, Time and Cost. Ever since they started working on projects. There may be various reasons for the Corporate to train their associates in latest Technologies or equip them with other Technologies.

☞ Aestas has global experience in that training and outsourcing and we train the employees as per the requirements skills suggested by the Corporate. Usually the training is conducted just like a program where we Endeavour to cope up with the exact requirement of the client within the requested timeframe.

☞ Aestas is here to give you the best software training and outsourcing which will be the Best in the any IT Industry.

Get Together and Let's grow:

☞ We provide on-site and offsite corporate training / placements to fresh entrants, programmers and quality analysts.

☞ We build in our trainees to consistently develop and display leadership qualities in multi-cultural business environments and achieve personal goals of professional growth in line with the company vision they serve.

☞In turn, corporate experience significant improvement in their human capital efficiency and recruitment quality and gain tangible success in retention strategies with exponential material benefit.

Our training and outsourcing Includes:

☞ Microsoft technologies : Microsoft.Net , SharePoint , CRM and Cloud Computing

☞ Java

☞ Testing

☞ Databases


☞ Mobile Technologies etc.

Our excellent outsourcing management expertise ensures high performance. today, we have made a mark on the global map when it comes to application outsourcing and corporate training outsourcing. We respect your time and money, and this is the reason why our outsourcing services come much faster and at reasonable rates.

The boom in the IT industry is hugely responsible for the rise in the requirement of IT staffing in India. The demand for skilled IT professionals soared enormously. Resultantly, most organizations faced a bigger challenge in hiring the right candidate from the large pool of available candidates.

Aestas Software Solutions values Corporate Quality, Time and Cost. And our training programs are designed keeping these in mind. We understand that there may be various reasons for the Corporate to train their associates in latest technologies. As a result, we train the employees as per the requirements of skills suggested by the Corporate. The training is is conducted just like a program as we strive to meet the exact requirement of the client within the requested timeframe.

We ensure the best software training in the IT services industry. Our records of conducting Corporate-Trainings in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and various other places speaks volumes of our commitment towards successful training programs.